The Value of Facebook Blueprint Certifications

Facebook offers two options to receive official certifications to set yourself apart as a Facebook Certified Professional, one for buying and one for planning. Facebook Blueprint Certifications are the only two certifications globally recognized by Facebook for advanced-level proficiency in the skills needed to advertise on their platform.

They are the highest achievements you can earn in the eyes of Facebook due to the amount of commitment and dedication it takes to learn a particular set of skills.

You need to invest in time and money in earning your Facebook Blueprint Certifications. Blueprint Certifications are highly respected in the Social Media Marketing industry due to the difficulty of the exams and the secure testing environment.

The proctored exams are challenging and require a sufficient amount of time spent studying the Blueprint Courses paired with extensive knowledge of both the Facebook Business Manager and the Ads Manager. The Blueprint Courses are designed to level-up your skills and help you prepare for the exams.

Passing your exams and receiving your certifications as Facebook Planning and Buying Professional means you are endorsed by Facebook! You have mastered the ability to plan and buy Facebook ads while maximizing the potential of your campaigns.

Passing your exams means you are in the top 1% of Facebook Experts! Facebook Certified Professionals achieve verified badges for their hard-earned certifications, which symbolizes knowledge and trust.

When you have a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional managing your Social Advertising Campaigns, rest assured that your campaigns are in the hands of experts! Our analysts have the most advanced skill set and can help businesses successfully achieve their digital marketing goals!

Facebook continues to grow and evolve as part of an ongoing effort to improve user experience, transparency, and safety on their platform. With all the pending changes for 2019, rumor has it that Facebook has also additional Blueprint Certifications in the works!

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