Google will roll out identity verification program to all advertisers

Google is extending its identity verification program to all advertisers, the company announced Thursday. Advertisers will be required to submit business incorporation documents, personal identification and other information to prove who they and the country they operate in.

Disclosures can be viewed by clicking on the ad URL. Source: Google.

Why we care

A wider rollout for Google’s identity verification program helps users find out more about who is advertising to them and enables them to make more informed decisions on whether to click on those ads.

The program might also improve the overall state of Google’s ad ecosystem by rooting out bad advertisers before they can reach a wider audience. Although this appears to be a one-time process, it may slightly increase the logistical work advertisers have to do to keep their campaigns running, especially for advertising professionals working with multiple clients.

More on the news

  • Google first launched its advertiser identity verification program for political advertisers in 2018.
  • Users will start seeing disclosures listing information about the advertisers behind the ads they’re served beginning this summer.
  • The company will begin verifying advertisers domestically in phases and then expand worldwide. The full rollout is expected to take a few years to complete.
  • Google has also added a help page for advertisers to learn more about the verification program.


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