Pinterest Adds New Organization Tools to Boards to Assist in Planning

Pinterest has added a new set of planning tools within Pins and boards in order to help users keep track of ideas and inspiration as they search across the billions of Pins on its network.

First off, Pinterest is adding a new notes option within boards in order to help people add key details to their Pin discoveries:

As you can see here, the new note has been added in a separate panel within the board, and you’re able to add whatever details and pointers you like within that tab.

As explained by Pinterest:

“You can jot down details, ingredients to grab at the grocery store (or place that order online), or create a to-do list right within boards.” 

Pinterest’s also adding a new date listing on boards, which could be helpful for events, and for archiving purposes after the fact.

Pinterest date

It might also help your connections keep tabs on when things are coming up, and it could additionally serve as a good reminder tool for brands looking to promote seasonal tie-ins.

Pinterest’s also adding new automated recommendations for sorting your boards.

“We’ll use our technology to suggest sections to organize your boards. For example, maybe you have an unruly number of do-one-day-kids activities on a board, but you’ll be much more likely to try them if organized into sections like “art projects” and “outdoor games”. 

Pinterest board sorting

That seems less helpful, but it may help categorize your Pins better – and that sorting could help in relevant searches, as the categories will be based on those already established within Pinterest’s system.

And lastly, Pinterest is looking to make board creation easier, and add another discovery element, with a new guided board creation experience. The process will first help you categorize your new Pin set, and will then recommend more Pins you might want to add to your collection.

Pinterest guided board creation

The tools are all relatively minor in themselves, but could have varying benefit, dependent on how you use Pinterest and what you’re looking for. The planning tools will definitely add an extra level of utility, while the automated guidance options will have more variable value, but could help to improve Pin usage and discovery.

Pinterest is seeing record high levels of usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, with more than 367 million people now coming to the platform every month, seeking shopping inspiration and ideas, as an escape from the confines of their home quarantines. And Pinterest is also now starting to see signs of consumer optimism returning as many regions move beyond the COVID-19 peaks:

“Recently, [users have] returned to searches about travel, event planning, summer, weddings and more. In fact, last month there was a 60% increase in the number of boards created (compared to the same time a year ago), while engagement with boards is up nearly 75% year-over-year and nearly 50% month over month globally.” 

There are a lot of positive signs in Pinterest’s performance of late, particularly with respect to shopping, with engagement on shopping Pins increasing some 44% year over year.

If you haven’t given the platform a look for a while, it may be worth revisiting – and while you’re there, you can test out what these new tools add to the Pin experience.