Google Performance Planner adds support for conversion delay and shared budgets

Google has added three new features to Performance Planner, its ad campaign forecasting tool, the company announced Monday. Performance Planner can now account for conversion delay and supports shared budgets across search campaigns as well as campaign plans that can be viewed and edited by other stakeholders.

A screenshot of Performance Planner’s new sharing feature. Source: Google.

Why we care

Being able to account for the lag between when a user clicks on an ad and when they perform a conversion action can help advertisers get more accurate campaign projections. Shared budget projections may also make the Performance Planner tool more useful for advertisers managing their campaigns that way. And, enabling advertisers to share their performance plans supports collaboration with other stakeholders.

More on the news

  • Shared budgets do not work with campaigns that are part of an experiment.
  • The following campaign types are eligible for conversion delay (also known as “conversion lag reporting”): search campaigns, app campaigns for install and app campaigns for engagement.
  • Performance Planner for Google Ads was introduced in May, 2019.

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