InstaPage – What Is It, and Why Should I Use It?

As websites have evolved, in their design, and more importantly, purpose, the creation of Landing Pages has become a key part of Digital Marketing.  Using your existing website to build a landing page has both its Pros & Cons.  While it is convenient to just build another page on your existing site, there can be downsides to doing so, in both design and function.

There are many other dedicated platforms out there that specialize in creating landing pages, one of which is Instapage, which we have been using for some time now, and today, we’ll give you a basic intro to it and how it works.  As Instapage says on their website, ‘Our Vision

In the near future, every potential customer will get a personalized post-click landing page after engaging with an online advertisement. Today less than 4% of ad clicks turn into conversions. With an average customer conversion rate of 16%, we’re already making this a reality.

Simply put, a Landing Page is solely designed to drive targeted users to a destination with one (or more) specific purpose, like a Form Fill, or Click to Call (Call to Action / CTA), etc.  It is not necessarily meant for general non-targeted traffic, rather a visitor that will benefit from your product or service, and has a greater chance of converting that CTA, based on the landing page design and function.

Instapage has a great built-in page builder, which offers many features that other platforms don’t have.

What makes our landing page builder better?

  • The best user-experience by far
  • The only landing page builder with built-in collaboration
  • Built in Instablocks® and global blocks for scale
  • Over 500+ layouts built and tested for conversion
  • Near instant page loads with or without AMP

Having the ability to design your page for both desktop and mobile, and the addition of over 500 layouts ready to build, we find that Instapage is a great tool to have in our arsenal when we need to create a landing page for our clients.

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