ProTip:  Instapage Form Submission Tracking for Google Tag Manager

In a recent article, we discussed the Landing Page Platform, Instapage, and how it can benefit you in your Digital Marketing portfolio.  Recently, we ran into an issue with one of our pages not tracking the Form Submissions correctly in Google Tag Manager.  We found that it was possible to get a false-positive submission if someone clicked the Submit Button, before completely filling out the form.  While this may be a rare occurrence, it was still something we wanted to address and correct.  Note:  this is for tracking the built-in forms that are part of Instapage, not any third-party forms that may be used separately from Instapage.

1)  To start, you will create a standard Tag in GTM to track a Form Submission, but you will update the Trigger that fires that Tag, with the info below.  Implement your Google Tag Manager container ID on your landing page. Implementation guide available here.

2)  You will need to install a snippet of code into your Instapage settings.  This is done inside each page, not a Global Setting.

With this code snippet on your landing page, you will be able to create custom events and triggers within Google Tag Manager that fire upon a form submission.

NOTE: You will need to edit the trigger configuration in your GTM tag:

The information should look like this:

H/T: Instapage Support Doc

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