Target Your Ideal Local Audience Like Never Before!

Audience Targeting powered by Traffic Builders gives local businesses the targeting capability of big businesses. You will be able to target based on users who have visited your site previously, walked through a physically relevant area, searched relevant keywords, or are browsing relevant content! These campaigns are powered by a team of dedicated account managers who make continuous optimizations designed to drive performance.

  • Designed To Perform At a Local Level
  • Completely Custom Campaigns For Your Specific Audience

How Does Traffic Builders Target?

Geo-Fencing – Traffic Builders will build a digital fence around any area of relevant physical traffic, whether it be an event, a relevant business, or even your competition!
This targeting method allows you to broaden your brand’s reach with pinpoint accuracy.

Contextual Targeting (White Listing) – Traffic Builders will target relevant website categories, and develop custom site-lists to target for your campaign. Contextual targeting allows your ad to show among relevant content.

Behavioral – Traffic Builders will use a custom keyword list to target your ideal potential customer. This list will be provided to you within the first week of the campaign and is completely collaborative. We also work with trusted data partners to hone in on demographic behaviors.

Site Re-Targeting – When someone visits your website, we will display your ad on other websites they visit for up to 30 days. This is a great way to keep your business top of mind!