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93% Of Web Experiences Begin On A Search Engine

As people change the way they search, Google changes the way it determines search rankings. For a website, this means a strong SEO campaign is more important than ever.
Our SEO is designed to stay ahead of these changes. Our campaigns include a diverse range of deliverables that provide flexibility to adapt to any changes in the Google algorithm, so we can continue to drive results!

  • Maximize Search Visibility
  • Drive Non-Branded Search Traffic
  • Increase Site Authority

SEO is not made up of a single focus. Instead, Traffic Builders SEO is focused on six distinct areas to have the biggest impact. This allows us to optimize all the areas search engines are looking at to have the biggest impact on search rankings, site traffic and user engagement.

Local – In order to recognize a business online, search engines first look to see if the business is listed. Having correct and consistent information across the web lays the foundation for a website to rank for Google searches.

On-Site – It goes without saying that one of the key areas search engines look at when determining rankings is the website itself. Making sure the technical elements of a website are in order and keywords are correctly implemented allows search engines to identify and rank the website for relevant searches.

Link Building – Once a site is identified by Google, the first differentiator is strong linking. These links give the site authority and credibility. Having a diverse catalogue of links from unique URLs is a great way to jump over the competition in the search rankings.

Blogging  – Blogs offer a dual threat for SEO: they help increase search rankings and can directly drive traffic to the site. Search engines expect websites to be updated regularly and posting blogs on the site help keep the site current; they also provide engaging content that can be shared and make the site a resource for “information” searches.

User Experience – Google is now taking into account how users interact with a site to determine search rankings. This means site navigation, strong calls to action, site speed and other site characteristics are factored into search rankings.

Social – Having a strong social presence increases the credibility of a website, which in turns impacts search rankings. Moreover, social posting can create engagement with blog posts and drive social users back to a website.